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New Patients

Clark Chiropractic is a family-oriented place where all ages will feel welcome. You’ll be warmly greeted by Mikayla or Jeanoelle at the front desk. Your children can always accompany you to your visits, and we’ll be happy to hold them or play with them while you see your chiropractor.

The First Day

Your initial appointment is all about discovering if you’re the right fit for what we do. You’ll sit down with your chiropractor to discuss what has brought you to us. We’ll do an examination, which may include X-rays that are taken on-site. If appropriate, we’ll give you a chiropractic adjustment. Please consider bringing a family member or friend with you who knows what you have been going through. You can fill out the necessary paperwork ahead of time, which will cut your visit down from about 30 minutes to just 20.

The Second Day

When you return, you’ll meet with your chiropractor to go over the findings from your examination. You’ll receive an adjustment and discuss how you’ve felt since your first one if you were adjusted on your previous visit. We’ll also detail your recommended plan of care and your insurance coverage.

Feeling Your Best

Many people think that you have to see a chiropractor for life. You can think of chiropractic as a part of a healthy lifestyle like going to the gym or eating healthy. We want to keep you aligned so that you can maintain your health. Wellness care might involve visits to us once a week, once a month or every six months. It’s different for everyone depending on what you need to stay well.

  • Very clean and nice office and staff. Very informative and professional. Feel better already. Thanks for the wonderful care so far.

    -Lori L.
  • Very friendly staff and the doctor took time to explain what was happening with my body. Everything was beyond my expectations.

    -Michael J.
  • Very welcoming Office Staff. Dr. Drew was very kind, thorough and helpful. Office staff were friendly.

    -Carri C.
  • This Chiropractic office was a blessing to me when I went in with excruciating pain. They saw me immediately and helped my back tremendously. The ladies in the front are so helpful and friendly! The doctor was wonderful! Thank you so much, God bless you all!

    -Rebecca J.
  • I love Dr Drew and the whole staff!!

    -Chris K.
  • Great experience for my first time visiting a chiropractor.

    -John M.
  • We loved our first visit as a family. We will be continuing care with this team.

    -Mike A.
  • Everything was perfect!

    -Amy W.
  • Amazing job!

    -Richie D.
  • The staff as well as the Dr. we’re beyond what I expected when it came to their hospitality and kindness. I will always recommend this place of business.

    -Alyx J.
  • Just the perfect balance of personal and professional came together and I learned a lot, as well. Thank you!

    -Donna S.
  • I have been coming here for nearly 10 years. Every ache, element or complaint was addressed and relieved I love the people here and will continue to come for another decade!

  • Actually, I had been to your clinic some years ago and had such positive results that it was an easy decision to return with a new problem.

    -Michael R.
  • Over the last few years, you saved my life, helped my daughter overcome hurdles so that she didn’t get stuck with a feeding tube. You are an amazing doctor, and you have a great practice. I love your staff, and suggest your practice to everyone I know, for anything they face, because there seems to be nothing you can’t fix.

    -Matt T.
  • I have been dealing with hip pain for an entire year and after one visit with Dr. Drew Clark, I was feeling so much better. I feel confident that my visit plan we laid out will fix my hip and I can once again be pain free!

    -Sarah S.
  • Great first time experience I will definitely be back!

    -Liam M.
  • When I came to Clark Chiropractic I was having severe back pain and could barely walk. Right away, the doctors were able to free up my back and I was able to work again with no pain. I like how the doctors are very attentive to my personal needs. They are determined to make your body feel better again; going after the cause rather than the symptoms.

    -Dave W.
  • Thank you for getting me in on short notice. I also appreciate the follow up appointment the morning after. I am in a decent amount of pain so recognizing that and doing what you can to help means a lot.

    -Brandon O.
  • My visit went well. I don’t have very much experience with chiropractic treatment however after one visit my neck and shoulder pain has been drastically reduced. My range of motion has also improved! The staff are friendly and welcoming and the attention given to my concerns was exceptional. Thank you all for your quality and professionalism.

    -Dennis P.
  • Very informative and excellent attitude.

    -Edward C.
  • I have received great care from Dr. Clark and the rest of the staff. I was in a car accident over a year ago and Dr. Clark has helped me so much! Would highly recommended this office!

    -Angie W.
  • Everyone was really great. Drew explained the X-rays and was very knowledgeable. I was very impressed.

    -Sandy Q.
  • Dr. Drew Clark is a very good chiropractor. He is very knowledgeable in how the body works and where to go to help alleviate the pain. Drew works efficiently and always has the patients comfort and care at the very top of his list!

    -Ken F.
  • Really quick to get me in on short notice. I was experiencing a lot of pain, the staff was so nice, so quick and I appreciate Clark Chiropractic very much!! Will definitely refer them to other friends and family!!

    -Scott S.
  • Couldn’t ask for a better Doctor and the staff is wonderful!

    -Mary M.
  • Love you guys! Thanks for everything!

    -Natasha P.
  • So far great – looking forward to my treatment.

    -Dan E.
  • I really appreciate that when I was in serious pain not only Dr. Clark had compassion for me but also all the staff. Walking in pleading to be helped is nowhere I want to be nor anyone else! Thank you!

    -Stein D.
  • You guys are all so kind and sweet. I look forward to going to my appointments!

    -Paula M.
  • I was experiencing quite a bit of discomfort. After my first treatment I experienced a good amount of relief, my daily activities didn’t feel so hindered for the rest of the weekend. I was also able to fall asleep easier instead of being restless due to pain.

    -Roseanna C.
  • I am so glad I was able to get the appointment today. It was a great experience. Today I felt like I have hope to feel better and feel like myself soon.

    -Mandy B.
  • Very professional and friendly! The best care anywhere!

    -Jim H.
  • Loved how nice, quiet, and clean the office was. Front desk staff was super nice and friendly to talk to. Chiropractor was super nice and friendly as well. Explained things to where I could understand them and understood that I was nervous for my first time at a chiropractor office. Was very gentle with me and made sure I was comfortable the whole time.

    -Megan N.
  • Staff was helpful and kind and the visit was successful!

    -Taylor K.
  • Fantastic experience! I was able to get in same day and when I left, I felt so much better than when I went in.

    -Dane S.
  • Great staff! Always friendly and engaging.

    -Kathy L.
  • I slept amazing after my first visit!

    -Aimee O.
  • The staff was incredibly kind and helpful! Dr. Drew Clark was wonderful, he listened to all of my back and neck pain issues. He came up with a treatment plan and explained all details of the treatment. He knew I was in a great deal of pain and was so caring. Wonderful experience.

    -Amy F.
  • I was impressed with the professionalism of the staff and of course Dr. Drew Clark. He was thorough, patient and a good listener. His explanations were concise, informative and focused. I am looking forward to future visits.

    -Reginald M.
  • When I came to Clark chiropractic I experienced pain all day every day Dash sciatic nerve pain, hip, neck and back. I feel so much better and don’t experience pain as an all-day event!

    -Ana D.
  • I genuinely appreciate the smiles, compassion, kindness, and the doctors focus on the patient. I found Dr Drew Clark to be very present with me during our discussions and adjustments. The Clark practice truly empowers their patients on their journey of whole body wellness.

    -Brandon B.
  • I was involved in an accident that caused a lot of pain from my ankle to my neck. After coming here for a while I am almost pain-free. The friendliest place on earth!

    -John B.
  • Very friendly and professional staff, The Dr’s were effective and I felt better and slept better after the first visit.

    -Michael N.
  • I was in a bad car accident and was referred to Clark Chiropractic. My pain level was severe, at 9 out of 10. When I started getting treatment after the accident my pain level reduced significantly. The doctors helped me with continued care at home to help me get better. I can now work with no pain! I would refer anyone to Clark Chiropractic. I always feel better and work better when I leave.

    -Curtis H.
  • I am feeling so blessed. My visit today was an answer to prayer. I have been dealing with constant pain in my right leg for a very long time. After my visit I was able to walk somewhat normal without PAIN.

    -Veronica S.

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